Utilizing Outdoor Lighting To Increase Home Security

The right type of landscape lighting can really increase security without using up too much energy or disturbing your neighbors. Illuminating the right entry places can make your home seem occupied and keep intruders away. You can achieve this by illuminating possible hiding spots and all entry/exit ways. While your main goal might be to keep human intruders away, good lighting can also keep away wildlife such as coyotes, possums, rats, and raccoons. 

Top recommended lights for increased home security

While there are many options when it comes to lighting for your home, here are a few that we personally recommend.

Down Lights

Down lights are one of my favorite when it comes to illuminating outdoor spaces. We like it because it creates a moonlight type of feel that illuminates from above. 

Flood Lights

Flood lights, are amongst property owner’s favorite lighting fixtures. They are extremely powerful and provide wide angled lighting. We always suggest that you install flood lights around garages or side backyard entries to provide bright illumination when you need it most. Flood lights can be motion activated. That means that they will illuminate an area when someone or an animal walks by. Motion activated flood lights are also best placed by surveillance cameras to improve the quality of recordings. 

Flood lights are home owner’s favorite because they use today’s technology to illuminate areas where there is movement. 

Path & Area Lights – Light fixtures with 360-degrees of illumination are helpful in a number of situations. Also described as omnidirectional, these lights are ideal for illuminating pathways and entry/exit points. Path and area lights offer a more subtle method of lighting up large spaces by creating multiple pools of light. Fixtures with decorative designs and even ones with decorative light outputs are also offered to create a visually appealing design which also helps to create ambiance. 

Path Lights

Path lights offer more safety than security. We always suggest the installation of 360 degrees illumination lighting fixtures (omnidirectional) alongside pathways. This is specially recommended if you have steps going into your home. The last thing you want is having an accident due to poor lighting. 

Need Help Improving Your Home's Security & Safety With Outdoor Lighting? We can help!

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