5 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Front Yard

Each and every home is as unique as its owner. Even if you live in a community of track homes, that might all have a similar design, outdoor lighting can truly make your home look unique. Stand out from the rest with these simple front yard landscape lighting ideas.

1. Install Flood Lights Over Large Parking Areas

Flood lights cast a very wide area of lighting to illuminate large spaces. They are most often utilized best over parking areas or garage entry points. Flood lights can also be censored and turn on when an object approaches for increased security and visibility.

2. Use Spotlights To Light Up Trees

If you have small or large trees in your front yard, use spotlights to cast a narrow beam of light to illuminate your trees. Remember, spotlights are very bright, try to keep them away from driveways or pathways where they can make visibility difficult.

3. Line Up Path Lights To Beautifully Illuminate Walkways

Path lights are homeowners’ favorite! They beautifully light up walkways and give your front yard a welcoming feel to visitors. Here are some tips to consider when installing path lights.

  • Space them out 10 – 15 feet apart.
  • Select a style of lighting fixture that matches your home’s style and vibe.
  • Select lights that point lights towards the feet and not the face.
  • Alternate the lights to avoid the runway look.

4. Add Accent Lighting With Ground Lights

Ground lights are called Well Lights. These are recessed ground lights that are placed directly in the ground. Well lights do a wonderful job at brightening up your yard or garden and the best way to use them is to light up shrubs, trees, plants, and other garden decorations. 

5. Increase Your Homes Security & Safety With Wall Lights

Wall lights come in so many different varieties. Choose wall lights to illuminate areas near doors or entrances to increase visibility and security. Wall lights can also be installed around your deck for added visibility.

Need Help With Your Outdoor Lighting?

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